Ridgecrest Baptist Church
Sunday, September 27, 2020

Children in Action




Ridgecrest Baptist Church Children in Action (CAs)

  Meets every other Wednesday in the Fellowship Hall 6:00-7:30pm 

(see our calendar for scheduling)

      Transportation can be provided (based on need - please call the Church at 434-263-8842 for inquiries)

     Ages are Kindergarten-5th Grade; younger children may attend with a family member
For more information, please contact Ridgecrest Baptist Church at 434-263-8842 or
Billie Taylor, Youth Director,  at 434-996-3498


What is Children in Action?
Children in Action is a co-ed organization for boys and girls

in Kindergarten-5th grade that helps them learn:

• a biblical worldview with an emphasis on missions learning and missional living
• develop leadership skills to serve God and share His love with others
• grow spiritually in their understanding of God and His mission,

including how they are a part of God’s plan.


Children in Action Motto, Pledge, and Verse

Children in Action Pledge:
As a member of Children in Action, I will pray for missions, give to missions,

learn about missions, and do missions through the power of Christ.

Children in Action Motto:

       Send Me!

Children in Action Scripture Verse:
“I can do everything by the power of Christ. He gives me strength” (Phil. 4:13 NIrV).


Children in Action Theme Song

CiA is here to stay.
We’re on a mission every day,
To live for Jesus in every way.
When He’s the attraction,
We’re Children in Action! (Repeat)

Verse 1
We’re getting on our feet.
We’re not gonna sit around,
‘Cause we wanna teach the world
About the new friend we’ve found.


Verse 2
We’re showing God’s love.
We’re telling everyone
That God so loved the world,
He sent His only Son.

Chorus (Repeat.)

Written by Kelly Jones-Parks and Derek Shacklett.

(Copyright © 2004 Woman’s Missionary Union, Birmingham, Alabama)